TWO Minehead mothers are spearheading a campaign to try to make messy dog owners clean up in the area.

Charlie Kennedy and Fay Dyke are asking pupils in schools across Minehead to make posters in the hope that it will encourage dog owners to pick up their pooches’ poo.

The campaign came after little Reiss Harrison fell and banged his head on the wall as his mum Rachael tried to stop him stepping in dog mess last week. Distraught Rachael then spent an hour in Minehead Hospital while the four-year-old had his head glued up.

Charlie, 36, has been trying to keep the streets clean for over ten months, and even has a Facebook page to ‘name and shame’ offenders.

She said the problem is nationwide and she believes the Government should be doing more.

“If you had a child, and they pooed on the street you would want to clean it up ... it shouldn’t be a different matter for an animal. 

“Dog mess is unhygienic and can make people ill. It’s a serious matter.”

Charlie has been taking part in ‘The Big Scoop’ campaign by Keep Britain Tidy but she feels posters by children might get the message across clearer.

The mum of two added: “After Rachael’s incident last week, Fay and I decided it was time to do something more.

“It’s disgraceful that people leave the mess lying around. They know that children pick up anything and everything.

“We’ve got a generic poster through which we’ll be sending out to schools and we want to ask the children to design posters to put up.

“We’re hoping that it will act as a deterrent and stop people leaving mess around. It isn’t difficult to take a bag with you, there will be more bins for the waste coming soon, and I’m hoping this will help too.

“If you can’t pick up after your dog you shouldn’t have one ... it’s as simple as that.”