CULLOMPTON households will have to pay an extra 98p a month in council tax in the next financial year.

Cullompton Town Council set its precept at £250,000 for the 2103-14 financial year, citing a need to invest in the town as a catalyst for the rise.

The town council recently commissioned a review of its operations and the resulting report recommended that the council needed to invest in several areas to be able to properly serve the town as it evolves and grows.

The planned programmes include the creation of a neighbourhood plan with a community survey, investment in the town team to lead the regeneration of Cullompton and the appointment of a grants officer to seek largescale funding for projects.

Mayor Gordon Guest said: “The council has carefully considered its options and believes a small increase per household will pay for itself in the years ahead.

“An efficient, modern town council working effectively will ensure that Cullompton is able to take advantage of all opportunities which will come our way in the future.”

Chairman of resources Jane Campbell said: “I’m the first person to say we should hold costs down and avoid unnecessary spending, but having looked at the challenges and opportunities the town council faces I believe these investments are necessary and will help bring benefits to Cullompton.”