WHEN Dave and Liene Penny told their children the family were moving, they never expected the youngsters to sell their house for them.

Within an hour of being told mum and dad had put in an offer on another house, Ella, seven, and Tomass, six, rustled up 40 fliers to advertise the family home in Taunton’s French Weir Avenue.

They pushed the leaflets through neighbours’ letterboxes and handed them out at a bring and buy sale and also made a waterproofed cardboard ‘For Sale’ box which they placed on their garden wall.

Mr and Mrs Penny thought no more of it until, out of the blue, they received two offers for the full asking price, one of which they accepted.

Ella said: “We’re pleased. It was great when two people wanted to buy our house.”

Tomass said: “We did a lot of thinking and spent an hour making everything. I might be an estate agent one day.”

Mr Penny and his wife were worried how their children would react when they told them they were buying a new house.

He added: “We hadn’t given any thought to how we’d sell our own property as the purchase was an impulse decision. But the kids were keen and proved to be talented estate agents in the making.”

Mr and Mrs Penny were surprised to receive a call from a would-be buyer and another person registered their interest in the for sale box.

He said: “Both viewed the house and wanted to buy – we agreed the sale at the full asking price just six days after buying our new house.”

Instead of any commission, Ella and Tomass were rewarded with a restaurant meal.

Mrs Penny said: “We’re proud of what they did without any prompting. I was amazed by their creativity.”

Estate agent Chris Willey, of Wilsons, praised the children’s efforts, adding: “If they want a job in the future, they should come to us.

“Most people go to an estate agent to sell their house. We sometimes get approached by sellers who say they have or are looking for a private buyer.

“It can be sticky and people trying to sell their own home could get into deep water.

“We’re always here to help if someone does come unstuck.”