A MENTAL health charity is appealing for help to find new premises after taking a battering from the wind and rain.

Paper files have been ruined by the damp, while ingenious staff have even put up an umbrella indoors over the computer server to protect important information.

The elements are getting in through leaky windows and the roof, and one room is so damp it has been sealed off.

To make matters worse, the disabled access is currently blocked off by developers building a new road near the Mind in Taunton and West Somerset HQ in the Market Building in Canal Terrace, Taunton.

Chairman Jean Grant said: “We’re striving to continue our services, but are being increasingly challenged by the natural elements – storm-force winds, torrential rain and an ageing building, which is leaking badly and about to be demolished to make way for the new development at Firepool.”

Mrs Grant said the charity’s landlord of ten years is supportive of MIND staying there until new accommodation can be found, but there is no point repairing a building which is due to be bulldozed, while insurance does not cover acts of God, such as storms or floods.

“No suitable accommodation has been forthcoming to date and we wondered whether there’s a property which someone would wish to see used which could accommodate us,” said Mrs Grant.

“We have to run the charity as a business – we’re not seeking a gift as such, but neither are we wealthy.

“Our present building is about 2,000sq ft. Ideally we’d need mostly downstairs accommodation, preferably in the town area with the possibility of a shop and maybe a small outside area.

“A bonus would be some parking spaces as we do operate a service at night – Mindline.”

Anyone with suitable premises should contact Mind on 01823-334906 or email JeanGrant@mindtws.org.uk Mind provides help, support and advice for people who experience mental ill health and emotional distress.

The Mindline support and information line is open on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 8pm to midnight on 01823-276892.