The Environment Agency has warned of flooding along the entire south Devon coast.

The alert is in place from Plymouth to Lyme Regis, with forecast high water at 4:15pm.

The predicted still water tide level is 2.11m, which will conbine with a storm surge and waves offshore between five and six metres high from the WSW.

Times of high tide will vary along the coast. Conditions will usually apply two to four hours either side of high tide.

A spokesman said; "Although tide levels are lower than usual flood alert criteria there is a risk of flooding from wave action at exposed coastal locations. There may be an increased risk at areas affected by recent storm damage."

There are also alerts in place for rivers in mid-Devon as catchments are saturated

The EA said that it is expected that rivers will begin to rise later this afternoon and while widespread flood warnings are not currently expected, the agency will continue to monitor the river levels and give updates if the situation changes.