Police are advising members of the public not to approach any suspicious objects on beaches following reports of ordnance being washed up by the recent storms.

Members of the public have contacted police after discovering wartime explosives on beaches in Braunton, Devon, Minehead in Somerset and in Dorset this weekend.

The device at Crow Point Beach in north Devon was found yesterday and is thought to be an illumination mortar which was washed up by stormy seas.

Police cordoned the device off after being called at around 2.30pm on Sunday and the MOD were called. The Royal Navy plan to remove the device later today.

Sgt Lee Henderson said: “The ferocious seas and weather are thought to be responsible for uncovering or washing up these shells and there is clearly the potential for further bad weather to unearth more.

“We are asking members of the public when out walking to be mindful that these devices are potentially still very dangerous and not to approach or touch them but to call police immediately on 999.”