A POP to the shop for some milk will be cheaper for residents in Williton thanks to free short-stay parking.

West Somerset Council is offering free parking in two bays in the Williton Central car park for a 15 minute stay.

The initiative has been brought forward to help support local traders as well as helping to ease traffic congestion on the A39 in the centre of the village.

Cllr Karen Mills said: “The new short-stay parking bays are aimed at those who need to pop into the village briefly to make use of local shops and services.

“The bays will allow people to park safely in the car park, free of charge for 15 minutes.

“This type of short-term parking bay has already been demonstrated to work well in Porlock.

“In Williton they will also help address some of the concerns regarding traffic backing up waiting to use on-road parking bays.”