TRAFFIC light sequences need to be changed to end congestion which is grinding Taunton to a halt.

That is according to Taunton Deane MP Jeremy Browne, who has urged Somerset County Council to re-phase the lights outside Pizza Express on Bridge Street.

The area is regularly gridlocked with cars queuing back into town at peak times, causing misery for commuters.

Mr Browne said: “The Third Way Bridge should be helping with traffic congestion but it is currently making it even worse at peak times.

“Cars coming from the Third Way Bridge have a very long left-filter light at the Pizza Express three-way junction but they then get held up at the next set of lights at the beginning of Staplegrove Road.

“That means hardly any cars coming from the town centre can get out when their light turns green.”

During the rush hour, it can take cars up to 20 minutes to get from the Market House to the Pizza Express junction.

Somerset County Gazette:

Frustrated motorists are regularly seen blocking the box junction in a desperate attempt to get through.

Mr Browne added: “The lights at the Pizza Express junction need to be re-phased so that fewer cars coming from the Third Way Bridge can filter left each time and some space is left for the cars coming from the town centre.

“I have written to the county council to ask them to address this problem which is causing huge frustration every day for hundreds of motorists.

“The congestion is always pretty bad in Taunton and recent road closures have made it even worse, but the problems at this junction can be addressed and they need to be sorted out as soon as possible.”

A spokesman for Somerset County Council said: “The phasing of traffic lights systems is complicated but we are happy to consider the issues raised by Mr Browne and investigate whether any changes would improve the situation.”

Somerset County Gazette:

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