THE days of lambing in a dark and stuffy shed are a thing of the past at one Mid Devon farm, thanks to the installation of an innovative ventilated wall.

Upcott Farm, Nomansland, have refurbished their farm buildings to allow further light and air to pass through, whilst protecting against wind and rain.

Spring lambing is under way across the country, with farmers watching over their sheep at all hours of the day and night.

Having a light and airy environment for shepherd and sheep is therefore preferable - if not always possible.

When Andy and Janet Dale moved to Upcott Farm four years ago, they were faced with upgrading six of the old farm buildings.

Andy Dale said: “We knew it was going to be a big job, and as we needed more storage and a temporary lambing shed, the easiest route was to start by putting a lean-to lambing area on a newly-erected workshop.

“The original intention was to Yorkshire board it, but then I discovered Highlight metal wall sheets.

“It's really done the job - the shed is a lot lighter and airier than it would be with Yorkshire boarding, so it is ideal for the livestock.”

Mr Dale used panelled gates along the side and front of the building, with the wall sheets above that to the eaves. Lambing his 100 Wiltshire Horn ewes indoors from early April to mid-May, he found the shed a far nicer environment last year, and is already using it again.