A RACCOON who dug her way out of her enclosure at Tropiquaria in Watchet has returned home after escaping more than a month ago.

Missy the raccoon managed to escape after the floods softened the ground at the zoo. Her partner Rocky turned to comfort eating in her absence.

Although free range raccoons are known to wander, Missy stayed close to home and was found sleeping in a disused building space behind her enclosure.

Zoological director Chris Mosier said: "Although we knew where she was, it was difficult getting her back because we had a very confined space to catch her in and we didn't want to hurt her getting her out.

"We had borrowed a live trap for cats from our local vets, but she was too smart, she would help herself to the food whilst holding the trapdoor open with a back paw."

In the end, she succumbed to her favourite dog biscuits when head keeper Sam Pollard had the idea of tempting her back in through a temporarily removed wire flap in the back of the cage.

This meant that Rocky had to be removed from the cage, however he was easily amused with a bag of marshmallows elsewhere.

Missy hit the headlines all over the world due to her flood-related escape.

Not only did she hit the nationals, but her story was reported in several Eastern European newspapers and a couple of Australian papers.

Missy is back on show with Rocky and can be seen daily at Tropiquaria. For further details contact Chris on 07751-363198.