A FAMILY from Williton which has become road safety campaigners after their daughter was killed in a car crash, have had a boost from Magna Housing.

Seventeen-year-old Bethany Adams was killed in 2012 after the car she was a passenger in hit a tree with Bethany taking the full impact.

The car was being driven by a newly-qualified driver, who was driving at speed and lost control on a bend.

Bethany’s parents Helen and Mark and her sister Danielle run the Stand Against Speed 4 Bethany campaign.

Recently Mrs Adams was invited to give a presentation at a driver safety training session run by Magna Housing.

Steve Fowlie, Magna’s health and safety advisor, said: “We really wanted to get the message across that there is no excuse for people not driving safely and we felt that having someone who can tell such a tragic story firsthand would make a strong impression on those attending the course.”

Amanda Taylor, who attended the course said: “Hearing from Helen Adams about her daughter has left a real impact on me.

“When you’re out driving, you never think it will happen to you.

“I’ve got a daughter of a similar age so it really made me think.”

Helen, Mark and Danielle are currently busy organising choice and consequence courses for young drivers where they can go out in go-karts and learn in a safe environment what the real impact of speed is.

The next course is on March 23, anyone interested in participating can contact the family on Facebook.

Mrs Adams said: “I was very pleased to be included in the driver safety training that Magna is running.

"I think it helped the staff really understand what the impact of bad driving could be.”

To find out more about the charity, search for “Stand Against Speed 4 Bethany” on Facebook.