THE last time comedy was held at Taunton’s Creative Innovation Centre ten people turned up. Last night that number was multiplied six fold.

Comedy filled the centre as five comedians entertained a close-knit crowd with MC Johnny Emmett kicking things off as he brought a big personality to the stage and a mix of props and audience interaction to warm up a crowd which was initially quite reserved.

Outspoken feminist Kate Smurthwaite didn’t shy away from offering opinions on the Daily Mail, politics and religion.

She mixed her act up between witty one liners and play-on words along with longer stories about how to read embarrassing books in public by covering them up with a more respectable publication.

Somerset County Gazette:

Kate Smurthwaite.

Kate is a regular in British television and radio circles, ranting to people who have extreme views on racism, facism and homophobia.

Witty Jack Shanik was up next, a newcomer on the comedy scene with around six months joke telling under his belt.

It didn't go down too well when he called Mayor Libby Lisgo, Mayoress, but his style of comedy is totally up my street with one liners and cheap gags - the sort of jokes to make you moan and groan but love all at the same time – because they are perfect for making a mental note and telling your work colleagues and mates in the pub.

I would have liked to see him rattle through the jokes at a faster pace, similar to Tim Vine or Gary Delaney, mainly so I could hear more jokes but also because even though each joke received titters of laughter, he couldn’t really create an uproar of humour in the room. One to watch out for though I would imagine.

And is it just me...or is he an Alastair McGowan double?

Somerset County Gazette:

Jack Shanik.

Adie Knight swiftly followed and his act poked fun at human relationships and sex, politics and social commentary.

He also stitched some of the men up in the room by asking them to raise their hands if they had been on a date which was between an eight-and-a-half and ten out of ten. Those who didn’t put their hands up got a steely glare from their better halves.

Somerset County Gazette:

Adie Knight.

Nick Page, who openly admits to have screwed up his life, brought the curtain down on the evening with a fresh take on British comedy.

His initial blunt approach to explain that he doesn’t do comedy on observation or interaction and that he is openly not interested in anyone in the audience, where they are from, who they are with or what they do, could have gone down like a brick balloon – but it worked and it was hilarious.

His 100mph story-telling grips you, switch off for a second, and he’s lost you.

Somerset County Gazette:

Nick Page.

His act delves into his outrageous behaviour, three broken marriages and seven unfulfilled engagements, 19 jobs and no leaving do's, and his experience of facing a £248,000 fraud charge, which sends you on a rollercoaster ride of twists and bends, explaining how he got out of jail and how the Ministry of Justice owe him money for community service in lieu.

I’ve never seen a comedian like Nick before, but I wanted to see more.

Once again, Taunton’s appetite for comedy comes to the fore and it’s clear from the comedians themselves, they love Taunton and they want to come back more.

The next event is on Thursday, March 20, at Brazz in Taunton. Click here for tickets.

Somerset County Gazette:

MC Johnny Emmett.