CRIMES reported in Minehead in January this year were at their highest in four months.

A total of 101 crimes were reported to Avon and Somerset Police in the area.

Monthly figures are published on and show the number of crimes in each of the four wards which Minehead is broken up into and a brief summary of what each crime consisted of.

January's figures are the latest, but figures date back to December 2010.

People can find out how many crimes took place on their street each month and what type of crimes.

In Minehead, there was a reduction in some type of crimes including bicycle theft, criminal damage, drugs, other theft and vehicle crimes.

However there were 13 offences of shoplifting, up six on the previous month, and anti-social behaviour also rose.

Since May 2013, there have been a total of 618 anti-social behaviour crimes reported in Minehead, accounting for the highest crime.

There was also a sharp rise in reported cases of violence and sexual offences.

This includes offences against someone including common assaults, grievous bodily harm and sexual offences.

Twenty-three offences of this type were reported, up by 11 on the previous month.

Just under half of the offences happened in the town centre, with six taking place on Holloway Street.

Four remain under investigation while one offender was given a caution.