HOSPISCARE is asking people to ‘lent’ a helping hand in the run-up to Easter, by giving up a vice or changing a habit in aid of the Mid Devon charity.

The Quit for a Bit 40 Day Lent Challenge launched on Wednesday gives people the chance to support Hospiscare as they observe Lent.

Whether you want to change your spring menu ready for your summer wardrobe or choose to ditch your car in favour of pedal power, Hospiscare is asking people to seek sponsorship for their 40 days of sacrifice to help support local people with life-limiting illnesses.

Hospiscare supporters John and Angela White took part in Quit for a Bit during the New Year, raising £295 in a mutually beneficial challenge.

John said: “After mentioning our intention to give up alcohol following the Christmas excesses, the Hospiscare fundraising team encouraged us to use the challenge for the benefit of the hospice.

“The Quit for a Bit campaign was just starting, so this was an ideal way of supporting it.

“We opted to go dry for the month of January. We felt healthier and saved some money, and the hospice gained muchneeded funds – a win-win situation.