THE Watchet Children’s Festival will be changing this summer, but for the better, organisers say.

For more than ten years, children in the area have enjoyed the festival. Its aim is to bring cultural experiences to children in a rural area at a low cost.

But now, the organisers are taking a step back as Watchet’s Contains Art steps in to take over.

Izzy Sylvester, who originally set up the event more than ten years ago, said she was delighted with the new plans.

“It takes a lot of organising and time and effort and we’ve been doing this for years now; we all want to take a step back.

“But I’m so thrilled that Contains Art are pushing ahead to keep it going and make it an arts festival for kids.

This was really what I set out to achieve when I started, so I’m delighted.

“This is a really positive thing and I think Contains Art is going to do a fantastic job and they’ll be able to achieve what I wanted.”

“If they need volunteers on the day, then I’ll certainly be there’” Izzy said.

The Watchet Roots charity will be working alongside Contains Art to support the festival.

Izzy added: “I’m a member of the Watchet Roots so there is no doubt I’ll still be helping out in some way.”

The popular festival started off with a small budget but over the past few years has cost up to £8,000.

Izzy said: “It is a big budget and to try and find the different sponsors and grants we can apply for also takes a lot of time.”

Contain’s Art is planning to hold a Kids Art Day on July 26.

As well as art workshops for all of the family, they too want to include performances just as the Children’s Festival has been doing.