Police in Devon and Cornwall are reminding motorcyclists to drive safely now the weather is improving.

The force says that Mmore and more riders are taking to the roads but unfortunately there is risk of a serious, or even fatal, injury if the bike is not ridden safely.

Between January 2013 and February 2014, 170 motorcyclists or pillion passengers have been injured or killed on our roads.

Police are advising motorcyclists to:

• Know their limits and those of the road. Drive at a sensible speed for the conditions and within the speed limit.

• Check the tyres meet the legal requirement, the oil is at the right level and the lights are all working properly.

• Consider getting a professional to carry out a full check of the motorbike to confirm it is roadworthy if it has been stored for the winter.

• Take time to get used to their bike if it has not been ridden for a while and drive safely.

• Brush up on the Highway Code to refresh their memory about the rules of the road.

• Seek out some additional training from professionals to get their skills back in tune.

Inspector Richard Pryce, lead for roads policing, said: “It is crucial for riders who are perhaps returning to the roads after not riding during the winter months ensure they ride safely and sensibly.

“The prolonged spell of wet weather has perhaps kept some off the roads and getting back on to their machines means making sure you get familiar with your bike again.

“Sadly there have been a number of serious collisions recently involving motorcyclists. It is vital that these safety messages get out to riders in an effort to avoid riders and their families having to experience the traumatic events when a collision or incident occurs.

“It is important that other motorists also look out for motorcyclists when on the road, particularly when pulling out at junctions, changing lanes and turning off.”