DEVON'S economy could be one of the big losers from the Government's plans for a new HS2 High Speed rail line between London, Birmingham and Crewe.

That's the warning from the HS2 Action Alliance - the anti-HS2 campaign group opposing the Government's HS2 plans.New figures show that Devon could lose over £52 million a year if the Government's HS2 High Speed Rail plans get the go-ahead.

The HS2 Action Alliance says that last week's HS2 re-launch in Manchester offers no benefits at all to Devon and the West Country as a whole.

Economic output in Devon could suffer as businesses choose to invest nearer the new HS2 High Speed Rail line between London, Birmingham and Crewe.

Peter Chegwyn, Local Campaigns Director for the HS2 Action Alliance, said: "The KPMG Report shows that Britain will have a two-tier economy if HS2 is built with areas close to the line gaining and many other areas losing out.

"KPMG admitted its report clearly shows the benefits of HS2 for some regions and the negative impacts it might have on others.

"HS2 is very bad news for Devon and the West Country as a whole. Jobs could be lost if firms choose to relocate nearer to the new HS2 rail line. "Devon has nothing to gain from HS2 but everything to lose including local jobs and economic output.”