A PARKINSON’S Support Group in West Somerset is holding a fundraiser to help raise awareness of the disease.

Parkinson’s affects over 127,000 people in the UK alone but is a disease many are unaware of.

There is currently no cure but a range of drugs and treatments are available to manage symptoms.

The Williton and Surroundings Parkinson’s Support Group offers support and advice for those living with the disease and their carers.

With Parkinson’s Awareness Week approaching, Minehead Male Voice Choir will be performing on April 5 at Danesfield School to help raise funds.

Linda Bishop, who set up the group, said: “For the past nine years I have lived with Parkinson’s disease and I have come to realise that it is very complex ... there is not a clear cut method of treatment.

“People living with Parkinson’s need and benefit from support groups.

“The Williton and Surroundings Parkinson’s Support Group (WASPS) is hosting its first concert to help local people with the disease and to support Parkinson’s Awareness Week.”

Cllr Justine Baker who is supporting the group, said: “Parkinson’s sadly impacts on so many families in the area and is a disease that not enough is known about still.

“Huge credit has to go to Linda Bishop who set up this support group only a year ago.

“She is living with Parkinson’s and her determination and passion has meant that many others living with the disease and their carers now have a support group which is making a huge difference.

“This event will raise funds needed to get a speech therapist and exercise classes – all vital to help those who have the disease.”

For tickets to the performance or to find out more about the support group call Linda on 01984- 631472.