A FARMER in Devon has successfully produced the world’s first Guinness-flavoured potatoes.

After months of nurturing the potato plants and tending to them by hand, the flavour has been perfected to deliver the authentic taste of the Irish beer.

Gavin White, who came up with the idea while enjoying a pint of the black stuff in his local pub, is now working with Devon crisp producer Burts Potato Chips to make his flavoured potatoes into the perfect bar snack.

His special spuds have become quite a talking point locally and he sometimes even takes them down to his village pub to share his story with other regulars while enjoying a pint.

Gavin said “The idea came while enjoying a pint of Guinness in my local and I thought it would be great to have a similarly flavoured snack to enjoy with my favourite drink.

"After lovingly ‘watering’ the potato crops with Guinness and patiently waiting for them to grow I’m thrilled with the results.”

To celebrate, Burts Potato Chips has turned the potatoes into quality crisps and is giving 50 packs away on their Facebook page today – www.facebook.com/BurtsChips.

Burts Potato Chips founder Nick Hurst commented: “We are huge fans of the iconic Irish stout and really excited to be turning Gavin’s flavoured potatoes into a snack sensation.

"When he first brought the flavoured potatoes to us we couldn’t believe it but we’re beyond thrilled to be able to help create his dream pub snack.”