HE’S spent 17-long years photographing everything from nativity plays to celebrities for the West Somerset Gazette, but now our photographer Steve Guscott is moving on, leaving all that behind.

Reporter DANIELLE MORRIS caught up with Steve to ask him about the shots he’s taken over the years.

Danielle: “So Steve how did you get into photography?”

Steve: It started off as a hobby and then I went and did some wedding photography before getting in to the press work which meant I didn’t have time to do the wedding photography anymore.

“I did enjoy it but there was always the worry at the back of my mind that something would go wrong. It’s a lot of pressure because it’s the most important day of their lives and if I got it wrong, it would be horrible.”

Somerset County Gazette:

“I love this shot, taken during a Viking re-enactment weekend at Watchet.”

D: “You’ve photographed so many different things over the years but what makes the best shots?”

S: I like to photograph a bit of everything really; it’s great to see the different personalities of people.

“It can be really interesting but challenging trying to get the best shot sometimes.

“One of my favourite pictures – although it is quite old now – is one of a young boy looking into the lanterns which was taken at Dunster by Candlelight.

“He was dressed up in his period costume and I asked him to look into the lantern as if he was following something in there and he went over and we got that shot.

“It’s been used so many times over the years but I think it’s really quite sweet and more interesting then he just looking at the camera and smiling. You have to try different things.”

Somerset County Gazette:

"This picture is quite old now but I just love the little lad looking at the lamps, it has been used in many publications."

D: “What have been some of your favourite shots?”

S: “As a huge Genesis and Phil Collins fan, photographing him was the highlight of my career when I got to meet Phil while working for a client.

“I couldn’t believe how friendly he was and I was delighted that he signed.”

Somerset County Gazette:

Steve's hero Phil Collins. 

D: “Anything you haven’t enjoyed?”

S: “Bill Nighy was in Williton filming for a period drama. He kept us waiting and then was very rude to me, I almost walked away without getting a picture of him.”

Somerset County Gazette:

"Bill Nighy was rude and kept us waiting."

D: “Any tips for budding photographers?”

S: “There are so many areas of photography that it’s difficult to pick one.

“I’d say perseverance is key. Keep at it and try out all different aspects of photography until you find your niche.

“Find a subject that you’re interested in too. That is the beauty of press photography; you get to take shots of everything so no day is the same.”

D: “What’s next for you Steve?”

S: “I’m looking forward to getting back into taking photographs as a hobby.

“I like to take wildlife shots and some landscape so it will be good to be able to do that again.

“I’m looking forward to moving down to Cornwall and doing some trout fishing. It will be nice to have some time to myself.”

Somerset County Gazette:

"I Climbed this crane on a construction site at Blenheim Road in Minehead to get some high vantage point shots, I still have the bruises!"

  • West Somerset College said they wished Steve all the best for the future and that it had been an ‘absolute pleasure’ working with him throughout the years.
  • Minehead mayor Val Welch added: “He’s done a great deal of work within the Minehead area and he’ll be sorely missed. He always went that extra mile further to add a personal touch and was always friendly and polite.”