TAUNTON needs an ambitious plan for the future, MP Jeremy Browne said at a meeting of senior business leaders and local government officers at the town’s County Ground.

Mr Browne said: “Taunton’s a great place to live but there is some concern that we risk falling behind other parts of the South-West when it comes to bringing new jobs and prosperity to the area.

“There has been considerable extra investment around Bridgwater and Exeter has also become a more attractive destination for shoppers.

“Taunton can sometimes feel like it falls between stalls – too big to be a small place but too small to be a big place.

“I want Taunton to retain its attractive character but I also want us to be more ambitious for the future.

“Taunton is expanding. That can be unsettling, but it is also a positive sign that people want to live in the area. We need to make a positive virtue of the way that Taunton is set to change.

“That means more social amenities which can be supported by a developing town.”