MI Flamenco are an international flamenco company with one thing in mind: to bring creative, authentic flamenco to audiences worldwide. On Sunday 8th June they will do just that as they bring their new show Sentimiento to Exeter Phoenix.

Mi Flamenco has its origins in Jerez de La Frontera in Andalusia, Spain, where Ester and Uri Tal – co-producers and lead dancer and guitarist – lived and worked for many years. Ester, originally from the UK, left for Spain in 1993 to put her heart and soul into becoming a flamenco dancer or ‘Bailaora’. She studied and worked in Madrid and Jerez for many years before starting the company alongside her husband Uri Tal and gathering with her talented artists to continue their flamenco journey.

The company’s roots are vital to their art, whose aim is to dispel the stereotypical image that flamenco often carries.

Not compromising their art form for popularity, but instead, injecting it with feeling and raw emotion, they innovate but do not stray away from the authenticity of the flamenco spirit.

Their mission is to bring real flamenco to audiences, often before they know what the ‘real’ thing is. Mi Flamenco (literally My Flamenco) have, at their heart, the gypsy singing from Jerez.

Referred to as ‘the cradle/birthplace of flamenco’ and now officially, The City of Flamenco, Jerez is birthplace and mentor tomany top flamenco artists.

Luis El Mono (Mi Flamenco’s main singer) is “Jerez” through and through: “El Mono in particular sang as if he had fire in his belly, clapping his hands wildly in time with the intricate music and footsteps.”

Listing Information Sentimiento Sun 8 Jun 2014, 8pm Tickets: Full £12, Concession £10