EXETER Phoenix presents a solo exhibition of new work by Berlin based artist Marie von Heyl that employs video, installation, drawing and text, from May 23 to July 5.

Von Heyl's work playfully dances around meanings, pointing at the unexpectedly beautiful, tracing the uncanny and tapping into the absurd.

Triggered by linguistic nit-picking and idiosyncrasies of translation, her work often aims to catch objects in the act of transcending their original context.

An interest in domestic interiors and mundane objects is central to von Heyl's practice and this body of work starts with the English term 'occasional table', which resonates with her suspicion that an object may possess multiple states of being, independent from its common use.

If an object becomes a table only on occasion, what are its alternatives; what else may it be at other times?

Entry to the exhibition is free.

Marie von Heyl: Of Occasional Tables and Alternative Endings Fri 23 May - Sat 5 Jul Mon - Sat, 10am - 5:30pm Free entry