GARDENS of all shapes and sizes in Budleigh Salterton are opening their gates to the public on 28th and 29th June.

Over 10 residents in Budleigh have been working on their gardens all year ready to open up on the same summer weekend, creating a fantastic community event in support of Hospiscare.

One of the gardeners taking part is David Cornes.

He has been working on his garden for two years, repairing it from its 13 years of neglect! His garden is full of beautiful plants and trees including a damson tree which he is hoping to make jam from.

David said: ‘’We both love gardening because it is so satisfying to see things grow and flower. For example, after clearing areas new things have appeared, near to a thousand bluebells have appeared in a cut back area of shrubbery.’’ Janet Parish is also taking part in the Budleigh Open Garden weekend and hoping that the sun will shine for all who visit her garden which is full of wildlife.

She said: ‘’There are a couple of small ponds, the larger of them at present full of tadpoles, and the heron has probably had all the bigger fish, while the kingfisher probably picked off the medium ones.

‘’The vegetables and fruit are behind Colditz style fencing to keep out the deer and rabbits, so really this is a wildlife reserve, with everything except water buffalo and hedgehogs (the badgers eat them apparently)!’’ Hospiscare has been running a series of Open Gardens each summer where members of the public are invited to open their garden for public display. This year Hospsicare Open Gardens celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Visitors can expect something different in each garden. There are gardening tips to be learnt and at some enjoy homemade refreshments and entertainment to enjoy.

Open Gardens booklets are available in Hospiscare shops and local garden centres. More information about gardens opening in your local area can also be found on the Hospiscare website