A "rave" at Bampton Down in Devon was stopped as it was setting up this Saturday after a tip off from a member of the public.

Officers from Devon and Cornwall Police were deployed this weekend as part of Operation Derig, which is aimed at disrupting and preventing illegal raves.

On Saturday evening (May 3) officers were called to Bampton Down where it was suspected a rave was being set up.

Officers found a number of people setting up a major sound system for a rave and the equipment was taken into police possession.

A spokesman said: "Individuals were directed to leave the area, further persons on route to the rave were turned away.

"Investigations will follow with a view to prosecuting those organising the event.

"An early call from a member of the public and prompt action by the police prevented a large illegal gathering in this instance.

Officers will continue to be deployed on Operation Derig over the remainder of the bank holiday weekend.