THE efforts of a young volunteer from Tiverton BMX Go-Ride Club have been recognised by the Prime Minister.

Molly Pattison, 14, has been named the first young winner of a new volunteering Points of Light Award by David Cameron for the difference she has made to cycling in her community.

Molly became involved with Tiverton BMX Go-Ride Club a couple of years ago and got stuck into racing.

But at the start of last year she fell ill and was no longer able to ride her bike.

Not to be deterred, she got involved with British Cycling’s Cycling Award for Young Volunteers and helped out with all aspects of the club.

She has now started her own BMX team, securing funds from sponsors, team kit and an enthusiastic team of 20 riders.

Now Molly’s work has been recognised on a national level after the Prime Minister named her the latest recipient of the Point of Light award.

Molly said: “It was a bit of a shock to get this award – I really didn’t expect it. I don’t feel like I am putting myself out to volunteer, it just comes naturally. But it’s really nice to know that people appreciate the work I do.

“British Cycling has really helped me, and the opportunities that they have opened up for me to develop myself as a volunteer and as a person have been phenomenal.

“The most important thing for me is that it has helped to build my confidence. People do take me seriously – I’m listened to, my voice is heard and my suggestions are taken on board.”

The award seeks to recognise outstanding individual volunteers who are making a change in their community and inspiring others.

Prime Minister Mr Cameron, who names the award winners, said: “Despite her illness and the blow of not being able to race, Molly didn’t give up. Instead, she channelled her passion into setting up her own team so that others could continue to enjoy the sport. I am delighted to be recognising Molly as the first young winner of a Point of Light award.”