PUPILS and staff of the Culm Co-operative Learning Partnership gathered together on Cullompton's CCA fields last week to mark the official launch of the multi-school Co-operative Trust.

The Trust was formed in September 2013 and saw six schools - St Andrew's Primary School, Willowbank, Clyst Hydon, Cullompton Community College and Uplowman Primary School with Bicton College - join forces.

The Trust is a new venture which aims to advance the education of the pupils at the Schools and in the community.

The curriculum and ethos of the Trust will emphasise cooperation, working with others, social responsibility and caring for others with the aim of becoming better citizens.

To mark the joint commitment to working 'stronger together,' pupils from age six to 14 scattered handfuls of wild flower seedballs, each containing 200 seeds of various species of popular wild flowers, which will make a magnificent annual display and wildlife habitat by Jubilee Wood.

Niamh Tapper, a year nine pupil from Cullompton Community College addressed the gathering at the launch - she said: “These seeds will grow into flowers which will be a symbol of the blossoming of our work together.”

The schools also scattered the wildflower seeds at their own sites so each has a reminder of the value of their partnership.