A ‘RECOVERY Hub’ which aims to tackle problem drinking in West Somerset is set to open in July.

The hub, which will be located at an as-yet-unconfirmed site in Minehead, intends to provide better access to support and treatment for those struggling with alcohol and drug addictions in West Somerset.

It will be managed by Turning Point on behalf of Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service, a new Somerset County Council initiative.

Sally Maclean is the project organiser for The Hope Centre, which supports members of the Minehead Community who are homeless or have problems with drug and alcohol.

She believes there is a real need for more support in the area.

Sally said: “We have 15 people on a Monday and then sometimes a couple more on a Tuesday who come to us for help.

“Most of the people who come along are males and it is for drinking problems.

“There is a problem and we have a real need to offer support.

“We already work with other organisations and we would be very interested in working with Turning Point.”

A partnership between the county council, the Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group, Avon and Somerset Police and Avon and Somerset Probation has been formed to tackle drug and alcohol issues in the county.

PC Mark Curran, of Minehead police, added: “I don’t think there is a big drinking problem in the town; we have a few people like everywhere else and we try to make sure they don’t cause trouble.

“There is a huge waiting list for those wanting to get into rehabilitation programmes, so anything which helps speed up that progress is good.”

County councillor Christine Lawrence said: “Drug and alcohol misuse undermines our family and community life.

“It adds to antisocial behaviour, crime, domestic violence and family breakdown.

“We are committed to working with our partners to provide swift professional help and support for those who need it, and ensuring that Somerset is a safe and healthy place for everyone to live in.”

If you need help you can call SDAS on: 03003-038788 or visit www.somerset dap.org.uk