A COURAGEOUS dockmaster from Watchet has been honoured at a ceremony at the House of Lords.

George Reeder, received the 2014 ‘public-spirited’ award from the Ambulance Service Institute.

Lord McColl presented Mr Reeder with his award, which was in recognition of his heroic act back in January 2013 when the 64- year-old jumped into the icy waters at Watchet to rescue baby Sam Cooper-Stevens.

Little Sam, who was only six months old at the time, had been blown into the water by strong winds while strapped in his pushchair.

He floated face down for over ten minutes until George jumped in to save him.

Mr Reeder and his sons, Wayne and Mark, travelled to the capital to receive his award and enjoy tea.

He said: “It all seems a bit much for me just going swimming but I really am so humbled by it all.

“I would like to think that other people would do the same and help people in need. “It was a community effort.

“It felt surreal going into the House of Lords.

“I’ve been to London before but actually going in there, into a place where so much history has happened was wonderful.

“It was a long way for a Watchet lad and I felt humbled to be there and hear the stories of the other people being honoured.”

Mr Reeder still sees Sam, who lives in Watchet with his parents.

The former coastguard added: “I see Sam in the summer and always give him an ice cream with extra flakes – he’s a lovely little lad.

“It is an absolute miracle that he survived, especially because of the shock from hitting the cold water at such a young age.

“I believe we’re all put on this planet for one thing and I think I’ve done mine.”