DEVON County Council has signed up to a new reuse system that will enable them to use surplus resources such as office furniture and equipment more efficiently and track the significant savings on avoided purchasing and waste disposal costs.

The County Council is implementing a new web based system called WARPit which allows organisations to redistribute (give, loan or share) resources (such as tables & chairs) legally and conveniently within their own organisation and with agreed partners.

Cabinet Member for Performance and Engagement, Councillor Barry Parsons says; “Staff in large organisations often find it difficult to find someone else in their organisation who wants their old office furniture and storing items is an issue because most organisations don’t have enough space.

"Unfortunately, anyone working in a large organisation will probably have witnessed first hand perfectly fine equipment, furniture or items in skips simply because they cannot find new owners easily, safely and legally.”

“With all the cuts in government spending, Devon County Council is radically down sizing its floor space and relocating staff to different premises. By using WARPit we can identify and move surplus furniture between offices more efficiently and pass surplus items to community organisations such as schools and charities.”

Sunderland City Council has already implemented the WARPit scheme and saved £147,000 in avoided procurement in 18 months.

Hilary Phillips, Head of Change Management, at Sunderland City Council said: “The ability to advertise unwanted furniture and equipment, giving us the opportunity to actually reduce procurement, is the best overall feature.

"We have saved £1,000s just by better internal sharing of surplus inkjet cartridges, stationery, furniture and even uniforms.

"Organisations across the country are already using WARPit, including Local Authorities, Central Government, NHS, Universities, Colleges and Schools, SMEs and groups with charitable purposes."

The effectiveness of the WARPit system increases as more staff and organisations join up and start using the system. Devon County Council is one of the first Local Authorities in the South West to join WARPit and is now looking to encourage other charitable and public organisations to join up and share resources more efficiently. 

For those interested in joining Devon’s WARPIt club go to the WARPIt website