TAUNTON jeweller Haydn Welch said children have “a right” for their parents to be married during a debate on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show.

Mr Welch, a Mormon, said mothers and fathers should be in a loving relationship “with complete fidelity, integrity and honour”.

He added: “We are talking about children being born into the marriage and the value to the children, and I believe that it’s a question of good, better or best. Marriage between a loving father and mother is the best.”

Mr Welch agreed with Jeremy Vine on Monday's (May 19) show that there are lots of bad marriages and good partnerships.

But he added: “Too many families, too many tears, too many lovely wives, cry for weeks and weeks and maybe for years because of unfaithfulness, affairs, pornography, gambling, all of these things affect a relationship between couples.

“But those that are married have something special. It is the way it was always supposed to be.

“A marriage is a building block of a stable community. Everything else, no matter how lovely, falls short and the children are the ones that deserve a right. They have a right to the best.”