TAUNTON has been voted the happiest place to live in the South West according to the Rightmove Happy at Home Index.

The town ranks third overall in Great Britain out of 111 places, with the index painting a picture of it as a place where people look after their homes and have time for their neighbours. 

Nearly 50,000 people across the country were asked to rate their area on 12 distinct factors, which were combined to describe the 'overall' happiness of each place. 

The overall winner for the country was Harrogate followed by Inverness.

The worst ranked places to live were East London, Iford and Croydon. 

Taunton scored particularly well in decor, coming number one regionally and second nationally. 

Somerset's county town was also regionally ranked number one for space, investment, wellbeing, pride, recreation and neighbourliness.

The County Gazette asked five people around Taunton what they thought. 

Sally Masten said: I don’t think it is the happiest place to live but I think that it is to do with the current situation and it isn’t just Taunton – everywhere is facing the same difficulties.

Sharon Smith added: “I work in Taunton and all my customers are always happy.

"I think it’s a nice town, there is a nice environment and a good mix of shops.”

Matthew Chubb said: “I have lived in Taunton since 1958 and I love it.

"It’s a very nice place, the people are lovely and it’s near my birth place of Exmoor.”

Alison Blagdon added: “I have lived here all my life and it is a happy place.

"It is so near to everything from the coast to the hills and it only takes a few minutes to get anywhere but I do think the town is going down slightly.”

Ken Ostler said: “It’s nice but I think it’s going downhill.

"There are too many homes and too many people now.

"I used to be able to walk along the streets and see people I know but that’s not the case anymore.”

Do you agree or disagree?

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