MID Devon district council has teamed up with Tiverton & District Canine Society to stage a free microchipping event at one of their dog training evenings.

The microchips were supplied by the district council courtesy of the Dogs Trust.

Council dog wardens were on hand to give advice about responsible dog ownership and what to do if you lose your dog.

Dog Warden Linda Hearn said: “It is still a legal requirement that any dog in a public should have a collar and tag bearing the owners contact details.

“It also means that if your dog strays, anybody can contact you, resulting in getting your dog back sooner and avoiding unnecessary stray dog fees.

“If you lose your dog, or find a stray dog, please let the council know straight away, even out of office hours.

“A microchip is a permanent form of identification and with the introduction of compulsory microchipping in April 2016, we wanted to give dog owners the opportunity to get their dogs chipped for free.

“The Dogs Trust has kindly supplied us with free microchips and I would encourage all dog owners to take advantage of this. We will continue to offer free microchips. If you would like us to microchip your dog, please call 01884 255255.”