CULLOMPTON Community College and the Mid Devon Plodders had another successful year in the 2014 Ten Tors.

The college had two teams in the 35-mile event, two in the 45-mile event and one in the 55-mile event.

Weather conditions were among the worst in modern memory. High winds and almost constant rain challenged the youngsters to their limits.

A new tracking system that offered sporadic updates meant there were anxious followers both at the army training camp in Okehampton and at home.

Four of the five teams completed the event, with one team coming in at 1pm and a team from each distance finishing within nine minutes of each other at around 4pm.

One 35-mile team retired at tor eight nursing injuries and sore feet.

Gavin Rice from Cullompton Community College said: “The achievements of all the youngsters, whether they completed or not was magnificent and the skills they have developed will stand them in good stead going into the future.”