CRAIG Campbell, exuberant and larger-than-life Canadian, has extended his 50-date ‘Thrilling Mic Hunt’ tour and brings his belly-achingly funny show to Tiverton Comedy Hall on June 7.

A masterful and inventive storyteller, his high octane performances are littered with eccentric travel tales of motorbiking and mountain climbing, stories of his own humiliation and gentle fun-poking at his fellow Canadians, whom he dubs ‘a nation of ninnies’.

“He may be known as the ‘Grizzly Adams of stand-up’, but most of his stories are about how he fails to live up to his wild-bearded image. For instance, in this show he does a fantastically slapstick routine about being attacked by a duck.” says Steve Lodge who runs the Comedy Hall.

“Nevertheless, he’s planning to perform the world’s highest ever comedy show on Everest next year. Better catch him while he’s still close to sea level!”

And Craig can’t wait to return. He said: "I’m looking forward to returning to the TCAT in June as it's always nice to perform 12 miles from my feathery bed – well, it has feathers in it anyway – and in a venue with indoor toilets.

“As former compare for the room’s previous monthly format, I'm chomping at the bit (actually wearing one) to unleash my current tour show containing many Devon-based stories upon the best audience in the West!"

Campbell was a regular on Canadian TV before he moved to Britain. He began his British comedy career with The Dinks in an Edinburgh fringe show back in 2003 which led to an invitation to perform in the Best of Edinburgh programme in New York. Since then he’s been the support act on Frankie Boyle’s last two sell-out national tours, as well as appearing on ‘Dave’s One Night Stand’ (DAVE), ‘Russell Howard’s Good News’ (BBC Three) and ‘Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow’ (BBC One).

He’s also toured with the critically acclaimed Edinburgh show ‘Return of the Lumberjacks’ alongside fellow Canadians Stewart Francis and Glenn Wool. Campbell is a former MC at Comedy Hall and the club say they’re delighted to see him return with his own show.

Craig Campbell is at the Comedy Hall in Tiverton on June 7 at 8pm.

Tickets cost £15 from