THE organisers of the Devon County show have asked for 'breathing space' following the cancellation of the event on Friday, the first time in its 119th year history.

Secretary Ollie Allen told the BBC that any long-term financial implications would have to be considered by the event's board of management.

"They will be meeting and they will be considering the long-term and financial implications to traders, to everyone", she said.

"We would appreciate space. We need time to close the show sensibly and in a way that is respectful to our traders, visitors, sponsors and our huge band of volunteers."

Local National Farmers' Union leader Ian Johnson said he was confident that the show would bounce back.

"They're a resilient bunch and they have lot of ingenuity and a lot of talent on that team that put this show together.

"I have every confidence they will get up, they'll bounce back. This is a setback but it's not a knock-out punch."

Organisers cancelled the event after exceptionally heavy rain turned the car parks into a quagmire and caused long tailbacks.

A pedestrian was also injured in an accident but organisers say this was not related to the closure of the show.