FED-UP residents sick of Musgrove Park Hospital staff clogging up their street with their cars have adopted a different approach to getting their message across.

People living by Galmington playing fields are so hacked off they have put up a large wooden sign with the words ‘NO NHS PARKING’ painted on it.

The sign appeared in Belmont Road last week after a number of vehicles were judged to be using the street to park for free throughout the day.

But residents say it is not just staff at Musgrove abusing the street as tradesmen, visitors and patients also dump their cars there rather than pay to park at the hospital.

Dawn Sherwood, whose son made the sign and attached it to their fence, said: “It’s a nightmare and it has got worse since they built the multi-storey car park.

“Sometimes you get four or five cars parked right outside the house and neighbours can’t get their cars in.

“We’ve tried asking people not to do it and you just get a load of abuse back, but this sign seems to have improved things.”

It is not the first time residents have taken measures into their own hands.

Rope has been put on one side of the street along a grass verge to stop cars parking on both sides.

Dawn said: “It got to a point where our bins couldn’t be emptied because the road was blocked on both sides.

“If a fire engine or ambulance needed to get down here they would have had to barge vehicles out of the way.”

The hospital has since announced it is looking at introducing a cycle scheme for staff and improving lock-up facilities.

A spokesman said: “Staff parking is available on-site with staff paying a monthly fee for a parking permit.

“However, there are limited spaces, so staff need to meet certain criteria to be able to apply for a permit.

“Due to this limited availability and as part of our wider sustainability project, we’re working with staff to look at other ways for people to travel to and from work.

“Though we’re working to provide travel options for as many staff as possible, we know some staff park in the areas surrounding the hospital, and we send regular reminders asking them to be mindful and respectful to our neighbours if they do so.”

Residents with concerns about parking can call 01823-343536.