OBJECTORS say more than a thousand people are now thought to have signed a petition against a new supermarket in Williton.

Keep Williton Special, the group fighting local businessman David Gliddon’s plans, says it is encountering huge support as it distributes leaflets to hundreds of homes in the village and surrounding areas.

Spokesman Wendy Spencer said: “The impression we are getting is certainly not one of widespread support for Mr Gliddon’s plans as we have taken the leaflets around this week.

“We have received an overwhelming message that not merely do they not want another supermarket in the area, but they are somewhat fed up with Mr Gliddon’s inability to understand what the word ‘no’ means.”

KWS says the development would remove virtually all on-street parking in the centre of the village and add to traffic problems through congestion caused by the single entrance to the site in Bank Street.

Mr Gliddon said the supermarket plan would include provision for up to two hours’ free parking for shoppers, which he believes would see an increase in the number of people using the wider facilities of Williton as well as the supermarket itself.

He added that it would also create jobs for people in the area, boost the economy and save residents in Williton and the surrounding areas having to travel to Minehead or Taunton to do their shopping.

The public was invited to take a look at Mr Gliddon’s plans at a public exhibition last month.

Mr Gliddon said: “We held a public consultation a few weeks ago and more than 60% of those who attended were in favour of our plans.”

Ms Spencer said: “As for the support Mr Gliddon claims to have, it was very interesting to note that even the petition he has started in his own shop in support of the proposal has been signed by at least one person objecting to it.”