PEOPLE in Seaton have had their say on how to spend money on outdoor sports in the town - and they've opted to support two schemes including a mini adventure golf course.

In a joint project run between Seaton Town Council and East Devon District Council, residents voted on how they would like £82,000 to be spent on outdoor sports in the town.

Over 270 Seaton residents took part in the voting.

The funding for these projects (Section 106 money) is available as a result of a number of housing developments in Seaton.

Section 106 money is collected from developers and spent by EDDC, which has chosen to involve the community in how it allocates these funds.

Affordable Late last year, people who live in Seaton were asked how they would like £82,000 of this Section 106 sports funding to be spent.

Nine eligible and affordable proposals were received from individuals, community groups and sports organisation.

At a specially organised fun day in April, residents were asked by EDDC and Seaton Town Council to vote on which of these proposals they most wanted to see happen.

Whilst a good number of people took part, pollsters were short of respondents over the age of 20 - 39, so they then gathered in some extra votes.

See the table below for the list of projects and their prority order.

The most popular project, which will receive £74,000 will create a mini adventure golf course with landscaping features to replace the current simple putting green in Seafield Gardens.

This was an idea from Seaton Town Council themselves and was chosen by nearly half of all the residents that voted.

The second most popular project was for a £6,000 sports activity wall in Elizabeth Road play area, including a tennis and throwing practise wall and basketball / netball hoop.

Adventure golf Although £82,000 is due in from developers, not all of this money is in the bank at the moment.

The majority of the funding is available, so phase one of the adventure golf course will begin shortly with phase two starting as soon as the remainder is paid.

The sports activity wall will happen once the mini adventure golf course has been fully funded.

These results were presented to Seaton Town Council at their Full Council meeting on Tuesday 27 May 2014 for ratification.

Councillor Gaynor Sedgwick, Seaton's Mayor, said: “I'm delighted that Seaton residents had their say recently and we will soon be getting another activity in Seaton, The ideas put forward were really good, I am sure some residents and sports groups will be disappointed, it is unfortunate that we cannot have all of them at this stage. I am confident that the mini adventure golf in Seafield Gardens, which received the most votes will be popular with residents and visitors”.

Councillor Iain Chubb, EDDC’s Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “We are committed to making sure that local people have their say about where money from developments in their parish gets spent, and are one of the few local authorities that do so. This has been a fantastic opportunity for the people of Seaton to really make a difference”.