TIVERTON MP Neil Parish has welcomed new rules to ensure that tied pubs get a fair deal with pub companies.

A new statutory code will give pub landlords running tied pubs new rights to help them get a fair deal from pub companies.

The rules will be enforced by an independent adjudicator with the power to punish pub companies which break them.

Tied tenants usually have to pay a higher price for beer from the brewery they rent from, and this should be balanced out by reduced rents or other benefits, but this has not always been the case, putting some tied pubs at a disadvantage.

The new rules mean landlords will be able to request a rent review from pub companies if it has been five years or more since the last one.

They will also give landlords the right to review the information used by pub companies to justify any rent increase.

Neil Parish said: “I’m delighted that action’s being taken to support tied pubs in Devon, giving pub landlords the peace of mind that they’ll be able to get a fair deal on their rent.

“Pubs are an important part of local life in Devon, sitting at the very heart of our community and creating jobs for hard-working people.

“I’m proud that the Conservatives in government are standing up for them.”