PLANS to cable a connection for the proposed nuclear power station Hinkley C have been submitted by the National Grid.

The transmission connection will see 30 miles of overhead wires and a five mile section of wires from the National Grid at Avonmouth to the site in Somerset.

A final decision will not be made until late in 2015. Somerset County Council has welcomed the news.

Cllr David Hall said: “This is a significant step forward in this project. “It represents the culmination of several years of consultation and engagement between National Grid, the councils, local residents and other interested parties.

“We wait to see the final details of the application but I sincerely hope that National Grid has taken into account the views they have received and answered in full the questions posed by the communities affected.

“The council will continue to work with its partner local authorities, National Grid and the Planning Inspectorate to ensure that the impacts are properly comprehensively addressed.”

  • ANTI-PYLON protesters say they are "flabbergasted" that National Grid has submitted plans for its Hinkley Point C connection scheme, as EDF faces an EU investigation into the deal for the proposed nuclear power station.

EDF is still awaiting the results of an investigation by the European Commission into whether a subsidy deal struck with the Government amounts to illegal state aid, before taking a final decision on whether to continue with the plan to build the power plant.

Paul Hipwell, chairman of campaign group No Moor Pylons, said: “We’re absolutely flabbergasted that National Grid is proceeding with the planning application when Hinkley C has not been agreed.

“How do they know what power they will need and how to deliver that at this stage?”