POLICE in Tiverton are hoping a £2,500 revamp of the town's CCTV system will result in “a direct increase in detected crimes.”

Devon and Cornwall Police has donated £2500 to Mid Devon district council in an initiative that will see an upgrade to Tiverton town's CCTV system - and PC Kate Jefferies, who has been working closely with Mid Devon district council on the proposals, believes the upgrade will be a huge boost to crime prevention measures.

She said: “We hope the increase in the number of CCTV cameras will in turn result in a direct increase in detected crimes.

“It is extremely positive to work alongside Mid Devon District Council to deliver a more efficient CCTV system that will greatly enhance the public's safety. We are keen to assist in future planning of the town to make is safer”.

There are currently 16 CCTV cameras plotted around the town centre and it is hoped that this will be increased by a further two.

Images from each camera are sent via a fibre optic cable to the CCTV operating room and recorded on a digital video recorder which can be used in criminal investigations.

In addition to the new cameras, there will be an upgrade to fibre optic cable which will result in much clearer CCTV images.The planned improvements are in the final stages of discussion and Mid Devon District Council intends to begin work on the system imminently.

Funding of the improvements come from the Proceeds of Crime Act.