MID Devon Cougars played a very strong Plymouth Drakes at home in the West Country Summer League and lost 47-32.

At 15 ends Tiverton were only three shots behind but they were unable to match the Plymouth team who scored 17 shots in the last quarter of the match to the Cougar’s six.

Plymouth Drakes returned home with the maximum seven points.

Scores: Enid Legg, Ray Legg, Margaret Hayes and Peter Ball lost 12-19; Ruth Arnold, Peter Barker, Brenda Hatcher and Brian Wood lost 20-28.

Mid Devon Monday Morning League results: Magpies (Ian Kimber) 11, Sparrows (Alan Keeble) 16; Robins (Melvyn Hudd) 17, Wrens (David Downes) 12; Finches (Ken White) 14, Eagles (Janice Robinson) 16.

Thursday Morning League results: Earth (Ken White) 10, Jupiter (Pat Holloway) 20; Venus (Janice Robinson) 16, Mars (Alan Keeble) 12; Saturn (Dave Smith) 18, Mercury (John Lobbett) 12.