SCIENCE savvy students turned into forensic experts for the day during a chemistry challenge.

A team from Wellington School took on students from across the South-West at the Salters’ Institute Chemistry Challenge at Bristol University.

Oliver Beckley, Kit Sells, Michelle Jacob and Cordelia Clarke all gained certificates after watching a show of some spectacular ‘whizzes and bangs’ by Dr Tim Harrison.

Their first challenge was to carry out a forensic investigation to find out who a criminal was by chemically testing samples, then a further challenge involved tricky chemistry questions and a practical exercise set by the university.

Chris Jones, head of chemistry at Wellington School, said: “The Salters’ Institute plays a major role in the support of chemistry teaching, the encouragement of young people to pursue careers in the UK chemical industries and the promotion of chemical education.

“We are delighted to have been able to take part in something so dynamic.”