WITH plans for new facilities and a passion among staff for teaching to rival anywhere, Mark Griffin believes Kingsmead School has its best years to come.

The head teacher may be coming to the end of his second year at the helm, but he believes a masterplan to improve the already well-established school is just beginning.

“The first year was about looking, reviewing and bringing in some needed changes, particularly around student monitoring,” he reflected.

“This year we've looked at the student services aspect of the school, such as support for those who need extra help in the classroom or other aspects of learning.”

Students are being monitored closer than ever to ensure nobody falls by the wayside as teachers try to make the school a hub of innovated learning, something that excites Mr Griffin.

He said: “This is the best set of teachers I've ever worked with and the vast majority of students really want to be here to learn and really want to do well.

“When you put those things together, there is a real good combination for success and I'm looking forward to next year.

“I think we can really move forward and Kingsmead can become a truly exceptional school.

Plans are in place to build around four new classrooms as Wiveliscombe - and the school - expands.

In addition from September 2015, students from Dulverton could be studying at Kingsmead. At the time of writing, the local authority is still considering options for Dulverton Middle School.

Mr Griffin said: “The building is going to be necessary as part of the expansion within our catchment area, as well as any potential increase in numbers from Dulverton.

“We do believe that over the course of next year there will be a new building ready for September, 2015, so long as the local authority keeps its promise of additional capital money to prepare for the anticipated increase in numbers from within our catchment area.

“The plan is to make any future building programme adaptable so that it can be added to in any future rebuild of the school as demand grows or replacement buildings are needed.”