STUDENTS from Richard Huish College in Taunton found themselves in the dock at Taunton Magistrates' Court... but don’t worry, they weren’t in trouble for breaking the law.

The A-level law students performed a mock trial, acting out various roles from defence and prosecuting solicitors to the defendant, witnesses, the legal adviser and the magistrates as part of their experience with the criminal justice system.

The trial was filmed and could be used by magistrates in the future as an educational tool in schools explaining the role of a magistrates’ court.

Student Toby Johnson said: “It was really good fun, and really interesting to see how a real trial would flow and the professionalism involved.”

Fellow student Vicky Gregory said: “Taking part in the mock trial provided a real insight into the mechanics of a court room and everyday legal proceedings.

“It was exciting to apply our academic work this year in an authentic legal setting. The experience has further motivated me to pursue law through college and hopefully beyond.”