YEAR six children and their teachers at Uplowman Primary School, Tiverton, have been celebrating after achieving immaculate results in their SATs.

Every child in the year group obtained at least a Level Four grade in reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling - and Maths. Level four is the expectation for children at the end of year six.

Head teacher Steven Badcott said: “We have been thoroughly delighted with the hard work and commitment to learning that these children have consistently displayed.

“Not only has their attainment been very high but more importantly, they have made terrific rates of progress from their starting points.

“All of these children have made at least the expected two levels of progress across Key Stage two, while many of them have made three levels progress.

“Congratulations to Hannah Al-Hussaini, Cat Baugh, Josh Fawcett, Emily Gubb, Katie Pringle and Jacob Ward for their considerable efforts and also to the staff who have worked so hard on their behalf.”

In the reading exam, every child achieved level five, while 67% did the same in the writing exam.

In grammar, punctuation and spelling, 83% obtained level five and 17% obtained level six.