A MINEHEAD bed and breakfast owner was left embarrassed when a couple who had booked to stay for three days left after only a couple of hours saying there was ‘nothing to do in Minehead’.

The couple told Warren Eglese, who runs Lorna Doone Guest House, that the town wasn’t what they had expected and that it looked shabby.

Warren said: “It was a bit embarrassing and I agree the town does look a bit shabby but I wouldn’t say Minehead was that bad.

"We love Minehead, we don't think it's terrible, it's a beautiful area.

Warren added that he had noticed a decline in the number of people staying in the town.

“We’ve been running Lorna Doone for 12 years now and the past few years there has been a decline in bookings.

“It’s not just me; other bed and breakfasts have said the same as have cafes and other shops. “The good weather doesn’t seem to be bringing people in; I think more needs to be done to promote the town.

“If you look online, other Somerset seaside towns come much higher up in the search than Minehead.

"We know that the council has had cut backs but as a seaside town that relies on tourism, it needs to up its game a little."

West Somerset’s Cllr Mandy Chilcott who also chairs the Minehead Vision Group said she felt positive about the town’s future.

She said: “It’s hard to comment because I don’t know what the couple were looking for but Minehead is such a vibrant place to visit and to live in.

“There is so much for every one of all ages to do. “We have the seaside, the harbour, the town and the Railway which generates so many visitors.

“Then there’s Porlock, Dunster and the castle, Tropiquaria.

“Minehead isn’t perfect but nowhere is.

“We all need to work together to promote it and show and tell people about all of the wonderful things available to do.”