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VIDEO: On-pitch brawl and streakers at Royal Marine vs Parachute Regiment rugby match in Taunton

Last updated:

    Match contested between Royal Marines and Parachute Regiment for the Trafalgar Cup
  • Streakers interrupt the game, sparking a brawl involving around 50 people
  • Spectators ran on to the pitch to try and break-up the fight
  • Hundreds watched the match at Taunton Rugby Club yesterday
  • Money from the event went to the charity Go Commando


Bumpsaway 1:59pm Sat 19 Jul 14
Have to say that with video evidence and the comments from people who were at this event, I think as a reporter Daniel Miligan, you are definitely guilty of 'overkill' and exaggerated reporting. Not cool!
Score: 21
Gem64 12:55pm Fri 18 Jul 14
Typical expected behaviour from no doubt drunken idiots supposedly raising money for their own, typical Thursday evening in Taunton, hope you are all ashamed of yourselves.
Score: -193
ToytownTim 2:49pm Fri 18 Jul 14
Score: -135
Veetubber 3:02pm Fri 18 Jul 14
Brilliant game, with a slight altercation, which in my opinion was born out of frustration, these guys are not louts or drunken thugs they are athletes pure and simple.
Score: 97
Dunfo87 3:06pm Fri 18 Jul 14
haha what a cluster f*ck
Score: 8
Bumpsaway 5:48pm Fri 18 Jul 14
GEM64 get a grip! A bit of humour and high jinx in a rugby match between Royals and Paras! Judging by your inane comment, you were not there to witness a bit of a scuffle! Have seen worse at an International! Great entertaining match! All ended with handshakes and respect!
Score: 95
AlistRpyal 7:27pm Fri 18 Jul 14
To GEM64. I hope you never have to be rescued from any sort of warzone because you would be praying for these guys to rescue you!!!!!!!!!!! You must be an ignorant bigot to put such pathetic nasty comments about these brave soldiers who willingly go off to war to protect British interests. My husband was a Royal Marine, my son is a Royal Marine who was shot in Afghanistan when he was 18 but still went back and did another tour. My daughter is a combat medic who has done 3 tours of Afghanistan. She is currently serving in Cyprus and "rescuing" drunken civillians in an ambulance. You should be ashamed of yourself for posting such ignorant rubbish. I was there watching the game and there was no thuggish behaviour. High jinks and handbags! Get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Score: 147
gtaylor82 10:49am Sat 19 Jul 14
Typical press stirring hatred. It involved about 10-15 guys a couple of RMP's and 3 streakers, and lasted all of 30 seconds.... that's a real brawl right there! And the bulk of the guys were just aimed at the streakers! a bit of fun and banter between 2 rival sides with a closed crowd that should of never been released in the press! And Gem64, a Thursday night in Taunton very rarely involves the guys causing trouble! I've seen more issues with drunken students that can't handle their booze!
Score: 42
RightToAnOpinion 1:43pm Sat 19 Jul 14
That's Rugby, we have the fights on the field and not in the terraces. We are also trusted as supporters to drink alcohol in the stands and drink with opposing fans in pub with our children without fear of assault unlike football yobs.
Score: 27
loulumc 4:29pm Sat 19 Jul 14
Gem 64 and toytown tim.....get a life...these guys deserve respect and so what if things got out of hand a little....big deal....try walking a day in their shoes doing their job!
Score: 18
jennywren_1 2:21pm Mon 21 Jul 14
Whats up Gem 64 did a para or bootie knock you back!! these guys work hard and play hard and there has been rivalry between the two units for an eternity, but you put them side by side and they will protect YOUR freedom so ffs let them do what paras and booties do.................i ts banter and they would have been in the pub after sinking a few wets. If you cant understand that then perhaps you should get out more!!! But then again these guys have fought and lost friends to give you the freedom to be a moaning faced bore
Score: 31
Blue Owl 6:50pm Wed 23 Jul 14
This incident has been blown out of all proportion, a match where the Para's gained the upper hand in a hard fought first half, but the "Royals " Came back well in the Second half, over taking the " Para's " lead and dominating the Play, from then on. The 3 Streakers, including a trumpeter ran into the Playing field, in what was a light hearted spur of the Occasion light hearted event, I have seen such displays, at many matches, even at Twickenham with the tight security to prevent pitch invasions, and even at Bridgwater & Albions Pitch. As has been stated above, one of the Streakers was tackled to the ground, in a fair Tackle, by a Para, the reason then that it " All Kicked Off " as has been reported was a Punch thrown at the Head of one of the Streakers by a Member of The Para's Team. Fortunately did not connect, but the intention was there for all to see. That is the reason that then all Hell broke lose !!! Totally unacceptable, but possibly out of frustration, as to how the game was going, a defeat to the Para's, honours, quarters none given etc, but that's no excuse, this was frustration Bourne from defeat facing the Para's in the eyes. On the day with the Cup being the Ultimate Goal, there was only one winner The Royal Marines......... But a cracking good contest never the less !!! David L Preece Blue-Owl
Score: 13
eddie442 9:14pm Tue 29 Jul 14
To RightToAnOpinion - you display the typical, elitist and snobbish attitude of the English Rugby fan. If this happened at a Football match people would be screaming for the police to be involved and would be complaining of the decline in moral values. Because it is Rugby it is put down to 'high-jinks'. One rule for one sport, one for another it seems.
Score: -15

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