DETECTIVES investigating a historic allegation of rape in Taunton are making a final plea for the victim to contact them.

The woman wrote anonymously to police in Avon and Somerset and in Devon and Cornwall after contacting Crimestoppers.

Police say they have this year "made some progress" with the case, but they now need to speak to the victim in person.

DC Peter Williamson said: "This victim has taken the courageous first step in telling us about her experience by speaking to Crimestoppers and writing letters to us.

"However, we've now done all we can do until we speak to the victim, so I need her to contact me so that we can support her, update her on our investigation and speak to her about the ordeal she was put through all those years ago.

"Today I'm making one final plea for her to get in touch."

The victim should contact DC 1379 Peter Williamson on 101.